Spanish Anytime

1 on 1 Spanish Tutoring

Hola, my name is Nicole! My passion is teaching español.

1 on 1 Spanish Tutoring

Spanish should be fun, but when your child is struggling in class, it’s stressful instead. She dreads it and it shows in her performance.

Fortunately, I’m here to help with 1-on-1 tutoring. I can make Spanish enjoyable and stress-free! Your student will learn faster and fill any gaps.

Teaching novice to advanced Spanish classes for over a decade, I can always tell when a child missed some of the basics. Without addressing those missing gaps, kids continue to struggle and fall further behind. One on one tutoring can fix that!  My love for coaching students through the language learning process created Spanish Anytime

How I Can Help


If your child is really struggling in Spanish, the toughest part is knowing what they don’t know.  By taking my short answer quiz, I get valuable feedback which helps me evaluate your student’s true level and language needs.  After the test is submitted, I respond with the following to get your child on track:

  • Spanish Level Evaluation (1-4)
  • Gap Assessment (identify weakest areas)
  • Recommended Tools (self-guided practice and website list)
  • A plan for improvement


During this call, we’ll dig deeper into your child’s test results.  By talking with your student I also assess speaking and comprehension skills.  Together, we create an individualized study plan for your child. We break down the weakest spots in grammar and vocabulary, then build those areas so your child loves learning Spanish!  It’s fun when they “get it” and my goal is to make the language fun and accessible.  All of my students receive forever access to my online resource bank.  It includes many of my teacher-created practice activities, websites, and lessons to ensure student success.




My best success stories meet with me weekly.  This way, students receive personalized, virtual lessons, consistently. Students follow the plan I’ve created, but I’m coaching them every step of the way.  Most of my students increase their Spanish grade by a full letter grade, or more, within a few weeks of working with me. Parents report that help on daily assignments and quiz preparation make a difference in their child’s confidence and motivation. These are key aspects of language learning and areas where I get noticeable results. I can’t wait to get started!


¿Qué dicen mis estudiantes?

"Nicole was extremely helpful in guiding my son through his Spanish studies. With her help, he was able to place into level 3 without taking a single course in school!"


"Both of my children have worked with Nicole for the past three years for Spanish levels 1-3. She has helped them to increase their understanding and feel more confident and comfortable with the language. Nicole is terrific at narrowing in on specific issues in the classroom that they might be struggling with and providing various ways to practice and reinforce the grasp of key concepts. She is very personable, reliable and I could not more highly recommend her!"


About Me


I’ve been a Spanish educator for 12 years. I love connecting with students and making Spanish enjoyable because it is!

I embrace tutoring because deep learning happens when lessons are specialized.  We cover ground quickly working one-on-one.

I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband, three children and perrito.  With me as your virtual tutor you can learn Spanish Anytime, anywhere and I can’t wait to connect!