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Step one in the process of becoming a better Spanish student is understanding language strengths and weaknesses. My specialty is building a plan with resources to help fill in the missing parts of the Spanish framework.  

As a teacher of levels 1, 2 and 3, I could always tell when my students had missed some of the basics. Those basic skills are what we build upon to become a proficient Spanish speaker and learner. If you’re ready for your child’s class grade to improve by at least one letter grade and have him actually enjoy learning again, let’s get started for free:


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Once you’ve received your free study plan, I have multiple ways to ensure your student improves. See the options below and contact me!

$95 Initial Skype Call


During this call, we’ll dig deeper into your child’s test results.  By talking with your student I have a chance to also assess speaking and comprehension skills.  Together, we create an individualized study plan for your child. We break down the weakest spots in grammar and vocabulary, then plan to build those areas so your child really loves learning Spanish, again!

 It’s fun when they “get it” and my goal is to make the language fun and accessible. After an initial skype call with me, all of my clients receive forever access to my online resource bank.  


$85 Weekly 1 on 1 Calls

My best success stories meet with me weekly.  This way, students receive personalized, virtual lessons, consistently. Students follow the plan I’ve created, but I’m coaching them every step of the way.

 Most of my students increase their Spanish grade by a full letter grade, or more, within a few weeks of working with me.

Parents report that my help on daily assignments and quiz preparation makes a difference in their child’s confidence and motivation.  These are key aspects of language learning and areas where I get noticeable results. I can’t wait to get started!



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